Pineapple dip

When my friend Mayumi told me what exactly was in this dip, I’ll admit, I was slightly skeptical.  But one dip in and then I was addicted!  This is so easy and such a hit, I will make it over and over again–to no one’s chagrin.  Works with saltines or chips.  Probably pretzels too if they existed in Japan.  Savoury, sweet, SUPER!  Thanks to Richard (@ThePaperCup) for the photo.  Smashing!

pineapple dip tasty

tasty & addicting!

Pineapple dip

Prep time: 5 minutes                Cooking time: 0 minutes (a first on this blog)              Servings:  6 people

Budget for ingredients: ¥600

Big Bowl
Electric mixer or big spoon


1 package cream cheese
1 can pineapple, chopped
1 T roasted onion
2T garlic puree


  1. Mix everything together.  Then serve it.  BAM!!!!