Frozen macadamia and honey cheesecake

Whenever I see a no-bake cake recipe, I usually cringe.  Not because I believe that the flavor profile will not be great or anything, it’s just that I kind of turn my nose up at those too easy to believe recipes!  However, I totally stand by this one which was adapted from  Having recently returned from sojourn in Oz,   I thought it appropriate to look up some recipes from down under to see what’s kicking and brought it to an Aussie day party in Shimane-ken!   Additionally, though I used a freezer to finish the cake, if you live in a cold area where the words ”Thundersnow”, ”Snowmageddon”, or ”OMG my water pipes are frozen” apply,  just cover it and leave it outside for a night.

Frozen Cheesecake

My mouth waters a little bit just looking at this.

Frozen macadamia and honey cheesecake

Prep time: 20 minutes                Freezing time: 4-5 hrs/overnight            Servings: 8

Budget for ingredients: ¥1000


1 plastic bag
Rolling pin
1 pan
1 big bowl
Electric mixer
Springform pan*
Butter knife


1 bag plain biscuits
1/2 stick (50 g)  butter
1 pkg (250 g) cream cheese
2/3 c honey
1 c fresh cream
1 packet macadamia nuts (I used a Top Valu 65 g bag)

* Note –  Springform pans make for a prettier cake, but you can use any pan for this as long as you grease it!


  1. Place biscuits in the plastic bag and crush them with the rolling pin.  No mess and the cleanup is less.
  2. Heat up the pan and melt the butter and mix with the biscuit crumbs.  Sometimes I add in cinnamon sugar for an extra touch at this point.
  3. Press the crumbs down into the bottom of the springform pan.  Place in freezer for it to set.
  4. Use your mixer to beat together the cream cheese and 1/2 c of your honey in the big bowl.  When it gets smooth add in the cream and beat some more.  This should take around 5 minutes.
  5. Chop macadamia nuts and add them to the cream cheese mixture.
  6. Take out the pan from the freezer and add the mixture to it.
  7. Pour the remaining honey over the cream cheese mixture, and using a butter knife you can make a swirl effect by making little circles around the edges of the cake.
  8. Freeze overnight.  Take the cake out 5-10 minutes before slicing and serving.