Egg molds

So, back to my bento dreams!  The wieners didn’t work out as well as I wanted them to which is a shame because I was really into buying the cutters in cute shapes.  In anycase, I did find this next piece of the puzzle in bentos to be really adorable and easy to work with–EGG MOLDS!  I got these in a 2 in 1 package in Daiso.  The process is super simple,  all you have to do is hard boil some eggs, and after that, peel the shell off and cram it into one of these molds.  Then insert into a cold water bath. 
molds cooling

Molds cooling

After 10 minutes or so I popped out the eggs into my fresh salad.  You can’t help but smile back when your salad is smiling at you! 
egg salad

My salad is cuter than yours.


3 thoughts on “Egg molds

  1. heehee! I love it! I’ve seen those molds at the daiso here too, but I didn’t think we ate enough hard boiled eggs for it to be worth it, but now I think maybe we just need to eat more eggs! yum!

  2. hello! came here from kat yun’s blog 🙂 loving your bento envy chapters! hope you master the wieners one day. i can’t get over how cute those egg molds are… i just want to squeeze them until they pop!


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