Bento Envy, Chapter 2

First off, Happy O-Bon!  I have been spending my time in the states (where I am from) so sorry for the lack of updates!  This is a piece I started before I left, so I thought I would post!

While in Japan last month, I went to a  local Daiso and purchased wiener cutters, egg molds, and onigiri (rice balls shaped like fat triangles) molds.

While talking/panicking to a friend on the phone  about the wieners not turning out right, I realized I needed to actually do some research before I continue onto this subject.  As a result, I was overwhelmed at the sheer magnitude of information about this subject.  What did I get myself into?

Did you know that the very bento boxes I blogged about in chapter one are actually a source of competition for mothers ?  Or that what I am actually talking about is called Kyaraben (pronounced like CHARA from character)?  Or that there are Japan-wide bento competitions?  Did you know that I suddenly feel like I could potentially have found one of my life’s callings, as I am both addicted to all things cute, food, and producing both?

If you want to read more on the culture surrounding mothers and Kyaraben in Japan from a foreign viewpoint, Salon has an interesting article.   Great insight to the Japanese way of life!

If you opted out of reading, scroll down as I give you a what’s up with wiener cutters.  We are going WILD today!

Tulip cutter

Tulip cutter


Wiener penguin death yard

Basically, you have to get your mini wieners 10 minutes in the freezer and then put it in the cutter, then boil.  However, nothing came out perfectly!   My conclusion is that these wieners might come out cuter if I tweak with them with a tiny knife instead, which I will do in Chapter 3 of Bento Envy!  Stay tuned.


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