Steamed white melon and tofu

I found these melons that are called 白瓜 (しろうり) shiro-uri.  Literally, it means white melon but every search result led me to winter melon.  For the life of me, I couldn’t find an English name for these!  They taste like cucumbers and remind me of calabash. They look like this in the supermarket.

white melon

Cousin of the cucumber!

I decided to braise them like a Chinese dish my mom makes.  The white melon can also be used in place of cucumber in your salads.

white melon with tofu

Healthy and light dish

Braised white melon

Prep time: 10 minutes               Cooking time: 2o minutes              Servings: 4

Budget for ingredients: ¥600


Glass bowl
Steaming stand


2 pieces fried tofu
2 white melons
2 T dried shrimp
1 t salt
1 t white pepper
1 T ponzu sauce
1 t sesame oil


1. Peel white melons and quarter lengthwise,  then slice.  Place into bowl.

2. Slice the tofu.  Add tofu, dried shrimp, salt and pepper.  Mix!

3. Pour the ponzu sauce and sesame oil over the mixture.

4.  Fill up pot with water up until the level is right below where the steaming stand is.

5. Place glass bowl in the pot, and bring to boil for 15 minutes.


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