Bento Envy, Chapter 1

Today, I am going to blog not about cooking, but of some major envy I have been having ever since I ate lunch with one of my kindergarten classes.  Now, I have always considered that my job here in Japan (Elementary/Kindergarten/Pre-School teacher) to be more or less, training to be a good mother in  the future.  I used to think that I was going to be a great mom.

Then came the big shock–the first time I saw my students’ bento boxes.  They are lunch boxes that mothers (the kids told me their mommies made it, so I am not being sexist) obviously prepare with a lot of care and attention to detail.  In fact, I almost considering this bordering upon OCD when compared to the states.  We simply cannot compare.  Brown bag lunches what’s up?

I have made it a little goal to figure out the secrets of making bento boxes (especially for kids) because they are just SO adorable.  This week, I have done my best to rush into each class to take photos of everyone’s lunches for your viewing pleasure.  I will also post in the future about the little tools that make these little lunches the cutest in the world.

Hello little fishies

Hello little seaweed fishes! Oh, are those little wiener flowers and a winking sun?

Smiley boiled egg

Smiley boiled egg! All the little paper cups that hold stuff have messages for the kids to read after they finish eating.

dog and cat

Do you see the kitty and puppy on the eggs?


One thought on “Bento Envy, Chapter 1

  1. omg. they do this in real life?! I’ve seen the books and blogs about cute bentos, but I had no idea people did this on a daily basis!! I want a japanese mom!

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