Apple juice

Ok, why am I even blogging about one of the things you can literally buy in every corner you ask?  Because it is literally AMAZINGLY delicious, easy, and quick!  I am kind of surprised I didn’t blog about this sooner.  Plus, the flavor is seriously the EXACT SAME of farm fresh apple cider which reminds me of home. This place to be more exact.  Thank you to Nobuko, who I learned this amazing recipe from.

apple juice

one apple makes this much juice!

Apple juice

Prep time: 5 minutes                Servings: 2

Budget for ingredients: ¥200 (for the big spenders aka bigger apples, more $$ for that honey)




2 apples


1. Peel and core the apples, and cut them into quarters.

2. Place handkerchief inside bowl.

3. Grate the apples on top of the bowl.

4. Grab the handkerchief and use it like a cheesecloth to squeeze out all the juice and throw away the pulp.  OR be environmentally friendly and use the pulp as compost for plants!

I actually tried to take the environmentally friendly one more step by trying to eat the pulp, but unfortunately, it was not oishii.  Don’t try that at home. kids!


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