Rice krispy treats

When I first started this job as an English teacher, you are supposed to bring a present to each school you teach at, usually some kind of snack or dessert.  Because I left the chocolates I bought from the states in a hotel refrigerator in Tokyo (oh no…still not angry about this one), I decided it would be easy, cheap, and very impressive to make some rice krispy treats!  I only owned a frying pan at that point. 

The following recipe is easily adapted to cooking classes for elementary school students.  Mike’s Blender is a great review site of all things Japan, and has a very cute Christmas version that worked well for 5/6th graders.  It can also be adapted for Valentine’s day if you have a handy heart-shaped pan! 

Rice krispy treats

Prep time: 10 minutes                             Servings: 5-10 (depending on size)

Budget for ingredients: ¥800


Frying pan
Heart-shaped pan

1/2 T butter + 100 g butter
160 g marshmallows *
4-6 cups puffy rice cereal

* Note:  Marshmallows are usually sold in packs of 80 g in Daiso. 

1. Grease heart-shaped pan with 1/2 T butter. 

2. Melt rest of the butter in a pan on medium high heat until it browns. 

2. Turn off heat and mix in marshmallows until they are smooth.

3. Add cereal and mix thoroughly. 

4. Use spatula to press cereal into heart shaped pan.  Let cool for 5 minutes, then slice and serve!


2 thoughts on “Rice krispy treats

  1. Kimmy!! Have you been able to find regular puffed rice cereal? I’ve used choco rice krispies (just as good). when I’ve made this for my students, but I’d loved to make them the original, old-fashioned way.

    PS I’ve also tried with a few tablespoons of peanut butter added into the pan mixture–> OISHII!

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